A Trusted Commercial Electrician in Tunbridge Wells | Elite Electrical Kent

Fuse Board Installation – You might require a commercial electrician for a fuse board installation because your existing consumer unit is old, damaged or temperamental. We also handle fuse board installation as part of general work for commercial developers around Tunbridge Wells, fitting out new builds with the essential infrastructure they’ll require.

Smart Home Wiring – Smart home wiring refers to the electrical setup that connects your intelligent devices and gadgets. It's like the digital nervous system of your home, allowing you to control stuff remotely, automate tasks, and create a snazzy, futuristic abode that'll impress your friends and make your life easier. Bring in an Elite commercial electrician to recommend appropriate systems and to integrate them perfectly.

Solar Panel Installation – Professional solar panel installation is hiring a time served commercial electrician, to add eco-friendly power generators onto your Tunbridge Wells property. We’ll handle the entire process, from assessing your home's suitability, to hooking up the panels, and making sure you're harnessing the sun's energy efficiently.

Outdoor Lighting – An Elite electrician can be your outdoor lighting guru, helping you bring those backyard vibes to life. They'll suggest and install the correct products to meet your needs, set up timers or motion sensors, and make sure your space is lit up like a party paradise or a serene oasis, depending on your style.

Car Charging – If you’re one of the many Tunbridge Wells residents to opt for an electric vehicle, you should certainly consider bringing in an Elite commercial electrician to properly fit a car charging system. They'll make sure your home's electrical setup can handle it, install the right charging station, and keep you from frying circuits or blowing fuses.

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